Samurai Shodown Adds Iroha to the Roster on May 13

Samurai Shodown has been a top-notch fighting game since its release a couple of years ago. Since then, it’s seen a couple of season passes add a slew of new content – and a third character enters its second season pass now in the form of Iroha. She’s a fast-paced character and uses a large blade to deal damage. She looks to be both a skilled short-range and long-range specialist with throwing stars and feels like she’d be right at home with King of Fighters down the line with her fast action. The pacing of her attacks is unlike what’s been seen so far in SamSho, and she looks to offer up a completely different way to play the game. Owners of the second season pass can gain access to her on May 13, or you can buy her separately for $5.99.