The Warden & The Paunch Comes to Total War: Warhammer II

In more Total War news this week, SEGA has announced a sizable update to its popular Warhammer II title. The Warden & The Paunch DLC introduces two new Legendary Lords for the Greenskins and High Elves races — both featuring an interwoven campaign that culminates in an epic showdown for the fate of Yvresse. Heavy touching upon Warhammer lore, Warlord Grom is famously known for being the largest and deadliest goblin of all. Eltharion, Prince of Yvresse, is one of the more well-known High Elves in the Warhammer universe and will be featured atop his griffon, Stormwing.

In addition to these two new lords, deadly new units will be featured in the DLC. The Arch Mage and Giant River Troll Hag are devastating ground units set to compliment the magical Rogue Idols and deadly War Lions of Chrace. At the time of release, this update also features new quality of life updates and improvements to the base game, along with a free legendary lord for those who may not have purchased the expansion. The Warden & The Paunch DLC hits the battlefield on May 21 for PC.