Fall Guys Receives New Trailer, Beta Sign-Ups Open

There have been a few words here and there since the E3 2019 reveal of Fall Guys. The game comes from Devolver Digital who are no strangers to wackiness and this game absolutely exudes such! A brand new trailer has been released to show off some zany action.

One could say the title is a mix of mini-games and battle royale which already has so much potential for group fun. In the video you can see a race to the top of an obstacle course, a game of soccer with a huge ball and more. But like its namesake, plenty of players will fall and lose. Also, beta testing is available to sign-up for on the official website if you want to enjoy some light-hearted entertainment before release.

Watch the new trailer below and get ready for Fall Guys to launch on PS4 and PC this summer.