Supermash Launches on Consoles with New Trailer

Ever wanted to create your own video game? Well, now you sort of can with the release of Supermash for Switch, PS4 and Xbox One. This title allows you to combine two game genres into one playable title.

Supermash lets you get creative with the two-in-one feature. You can take a platformer and add stealth to it. Or go an adventurous RPG. Things can even be taken to outer space. The game takes parts of each genre to create a unique experience that will always be different each time you try. There are areas you can control with developer cards which can increase enemy speed to make it more challenging. Then, share your designs online with others to check out.

While you aren’t actually building a game from scratch, it’s got a little room imagination to scratch that creative itch. Have a look at the launch trailer below and get Supermash now.