Gravity Rider Zero Hits Switch eShop

Qubic Games has released a ton of stuff on the Switch and their newest effort looks like one of their best yet. Gravity Rider Zero takes the Trials formula of motorcycle riding on tough tracks and enhances it with a wide variety of puzzle types and physics-based challenges. Tracks have several paths alongside a variety of traps to avoid. New puzzles for this kind of game include things like transporational portals, riding through fluid-filled pathways and even having to outrun a giant metal orb as it barrels down on you.

The game originally hit mobile devices and now has a chance to shine in front of a whole new audience as it gains not only a wider variety of control options, but can now be easily played on a TV as well. The game includes a series of vehicles, so you can go from bikes to ATVs and even some real throwback bikes from the ’40s. Customization options are available and you can throw neon trails into the mix if you so desire. There’s a lot of content here and it’s reminiscent of Motoheroz on the Wii where you can get this outstanding experience for minimal money, but have a lot of fun if you enjoy trial and error biking gameplay.

The Switch is no stranger to games like this, with Urban Trial Playground probably being best game like that on the platform thanks to Trials Rising having some port issues. Gravity Rider Zero is available on the eShop for $6.99, although it has a launch discount taking it to $4.89 — and it appears that if you own other Qubic Game, you can get it for a little over $1 — making it an incredible early bird sale and an even better value for anyone who took adventure of Qubic’s 16th anniversary sale recently or their giveaway towards the end of last year.