An Ode to Brawling Joy With Fly Punch Boom Release Date Trailer

What can possibly be more joyful than punching a friend so hard they break the planet?  Not much but there are a few options, which is why that’s just one of the ways to use the environment to your advantage in the cartoony hyper-brawler Fly Punch Boom!.  Fly Punch Boom! is an aerial fighter in which just about every piece of scenery is part of the brawl, whether that be background buildings or the moon in the sky.  With a pack of enthusiastic weirdos to choose from, you can decimate the CPU or up to three friends simultaneously in a battle of high-speed rock-paper-scissors, where punches, grabs, and counters interact in a triangle of strengths and weaknesses.  While the basics are similar for each character their moves all vary enough to make them unique, especially when the high-damage abilities come into play.

The demo (on Steam) has been out for a couple of weeks now but it won’t be longer for the full release, and today’s new trailer has the date.  Fly Punch Boom! is coming out on Switch and PC on May 28, so limber up your game pads and get ready for hyperactive cartoon madness.