Humble Indie Bundle 21 Now Available

An all-new humble indie bundle is available with a lot of value for not a lot of money. The $1 tier is stacked, offering up Hotline Miami, Beat Cop, Dustforce DX, and packs of wallpapers and coloring pages. Beating the average of about $7 gets you Moonlighter, 25% off its DLC, and Gato Roboto alongside whatever games unlock in a week’s time. For $15, you lock in those games and will get Hypnospace Outlaw and Starbound. Every tier’s purchases gets an OST for Dustforce DX. The best overall value now is the $7 tier, which gets you a ton of high-quality content in Moonlighter, Gato Roboto, Hotline Miami, Beat Cop, and Dustforce – while the $15 tier is pretty limited with only two games in it.