Hawlucha Receives a Pokémon Gallery Figure

The Pokémon Gallery Figure collection has some of the most interesting and unique designs for fans to find. Each one depicts a Pokémon using one of its signature moves. Now, Hawlucha is joining the series for collectors to enjoy.

Hawlucha is the Fighting/Flying-type lucha libre-inspired Pokémon introduced in generation VI. Its unique type combo allows it to perform Flying Press which deals damage for both types. And it’s the only Pokémon that can learn it (besides a special Pikachu). This particular figure features it in action with a Hawlucha launching towards the air to use this maneuver while leaving a cloud of dust to show how much impact it will make.

Find the Hawlucha Gallery Figure on the Pokémon Center website to include as part of your Pokémon and video game displays.