Modus Games Unveil Action-Adventure Platformer Skully

It’s not often you get a new announcement of a new game that’s only a few months away from release (and not years), but lo and behold publisher Modus Games sought it fit to reveal a brand new title from developer Finish Line Games. One you’ll be able to play fairly soon. Skully, described as an action-adventure platformer, finds players taking control of the titular reanimated skull-head in what can only be described as the kind of gameplay that fans of the likes of Super Monkey Ball and Rock of Ages, will sure to latch onto.

That’s not to say there aren’t some moments of precarious platform-jumping from time to time, and on top of this Skully will also be able to escape the spherical confines, by transforming into various clay models that provide differing abilities to navigate the game’s island setting. Skully is planned for release across PS4, Xbox One, Switch & PC on August 4. Check out the reveal trailer below to get a better idea on how gameplay will unfold.