Panzer Dragoon Remake Update Adds Gyro and HD Rumble Support

The Panzer Dragoon Remake first hit the Switch eShop in March, and now it’s received its biggest free content update so far. The original release was good, but rough around the edges. The content update aims to make the game more robust, with the addition of an Episode 0 training area, a new super weapon mode, and a revamped version of Pandora’s box.

This allows you to do things like have rapid fire, God mode, and now a performance mode. Gyro controls and HD Rumble are also now supported, enabling more modern and fluid aiming. Animation has also been revamped and the controls as a whole have been made more responsive with some revisions being made to the sound design as well. Forever Entertainment also announced a 20% off discount to anyone who owns any of their prior games on Switch – so if you have some of their super-cheap games like Frederic, you can save some money on Panzer Dragoon Remake as well.