Pokémon Fusion Becomes a Reality With Cassette Beasts

Those of you who tend to browse fan art or fan creations on the internet may be familiar with the concept of Pokémon fusions, where two Pokémon are combined to create a new, hybrid creature. Well, Brighton-based developers Bytten Studio have now taken that concept and have created their own monster-catching game based around it, Cassette Beasts. Although in a twist, you don’t catch and train individual critters this time around. As seen below in the reveal trailer, you actually collect monsters by recording them on cassettes, then playing them back and transforming into them yourself, hence the name. And indeed, you can also fuse any two beasts together, creating several powerful new monsters to battle with.

Bytten have even more tricks up their sleeve when it comes to the game, though. Getting around the island setting of New Wirral requires you to form bonds with friends you meet along the way, where relationship mechanics will allow you to create stronger fusions. There’s also a large open world to explore, and an in-depth elemental chemistry system where attacks of a certain type can create natural buffs, debuffs, or change a beast’s type entirely (fire moves can change ice types to water types, for example). Between Temtem and now this, the indie scene is producing some notable Pokémon tributes recently. No release window has been announced yet, but expect Cassette Beasts sometime later for the PC, with a Switch version being considered.