Super Mega Baseball 3 Hits Consoles, PC

The Super Mega Baseball games have been not only some of the best arcade-style baseball games on the market, but have put a super-deformed spin on the sport that hasn’t been seen in North America in 20 years. The franchise is available on all major consoles, including the Switch and Steam for PC users. The game features offline and online action, with the former featuring a franchise mode to sink your teeth into.

The game also features a pennant race mode and will gain a custom pennant race mode as an update over the summer. Those who have played the prior games will enjoy the SMB 2 team import tool when that launches soon after launch to all platforms. Anyone wanting to try the game out can do so for free as a demo is available on all platforms as well. If you like it, you can enjoy the complete experience including all post-launch content for $44.99.