Unreal Engine 5 Announced via Summer Game Fest

The May 13 Summer Game Fest reveal wasn’t so much a game, but a much larger announcement instead. Epic announced Unreal Engine 5 alongside their Nanite geometry tech that allows for 8K cinema-grade object scanning, enabling unbelievable levels of detail in objects. The demo features the best-looking rocks we’ve ever seen in a game. Unreal Engine 5 was showcased on a PS5 and gave us a glimpse into what the future holds for the industry as a whole.

The tech demo is called Lumen in the Land of Nanite and was akin to a modern-day Tomb Raider. It used two of Unreal Engine 5’s new tools that were hyped up — Lumens and Nanite. Lumens is a lighting tool, while Nanite offers virtualized geometry and high-grade asset importing.

The minds behind the tech talked about how this high level of detail is aided by SSDs to allow for faster asset streaming. The engine itself, however, will be able to be used on any devices that currently run UE 4. Being on higher-end hardware will enable for things like Nanite to run without compromise, while lower-spec devices will have other tools to allow similar results at lower asset quality levels. There’s a lot of potential shown off here and time will tell the tale on how well-implemented these tools wind up being.