Nintendo Announce Paper Mario: The Origami King

Usually Nintendo like to leave a fair few months of a gap between announcing a game and it actually releasing. At the very least, they certainly don’t drop a big piece of news unless it’s either part of their annual E3 showing or Nintendo Direct’s alike. But with E3 not happening this year, perhaps this was the reason to drop this on us out of nowhere. The news being that a new Paper Mario game is heading to Nintendo Switch. Better still, it’s out in only a couple of months.

Paper Mario: The Origami King, as its full name implies, finds the paper-craft version of the Mushroom Kingdom under attack from an antagonistic origami-like force, to the point even Princess Peach has been transformed into a villainous-like origami version of herself. It’s the first Paper Mario game since 2016’s Color Splash on the Wii U. While the gameplay shown off attempted to cover as many bases as possible, it’s still unclear whether this game is a true return to the series’ roots via its turn-based combat, partners and a world that isn’t entirely linear in its progression. There’s even a cheeky Metroid reference at the end. Paper Mario: The Origami King releases on July 17.