No Straight Roads Releasing This June, Also Coming to Xbox, Switch

Metronomik’s action-adventure, rhythm-based game No Straight Roads has today landed itself a release date. Led by Wan Hazmer, the lead game designer of Final Fantasy XV, No Straight Roads finds main protagonists Mayday and Zuke attempting to prevent the evil NSR corporation from taking over the setting of Vinyl City. Bolstering a soundtrack balancing electronic music with rock, No Straight Roads’ gameplay blends rhythmic timing with a mixture of 3D/2.5D combat, lite platforming and some runner segments thrown in on top.

On top of today’s confirmation of a date, Metronomik have also announced that as well as its PS4 & PC (via the Epic Game Store) iterations, the game will also be making its way to Xbox One & Switch consoles at the same time. The Switch version benefits from some additions on top in the form of co-op; the game is fully playable with a single Joy-Con with an assist-based, three-player co-op mode also included. So far as its latest trailer is concerned, there looks to be a bit of everything on display. Here’s hoping the game finds the means to have it all flow and work in tandem, when it releases on June 30.