Urban Trial Tricky Coming Exclusively to Switch This Summer

The Urban Trial games have been some of the best motorcycle trial games on the market. Their usage of real-world environments helps them stand out from the rest and they’ve played like a dream for the past decade whether it’s on the PC, PS3, or Switch in the case of Urban Trial Playground. Now, the series is back after a bit of an absence with a Switch-exclusive entry and a shift in focus.

While you still have to get from point A to B, now you’ll do so while also trying to unleash as many crazy tricks as possible. The game will feature three modes with 30 levels and a ton of customization options to tailor the game to the player. It will also run at a full 60 FPS – making it a rock-solid performer on the platform. We’ll be keeping a close eye on Ubran Trial Tricky as its summer release draws near.