Terraria’s Long Road to Completion is Done with 1.4 Journey’s End Update

It’s hard to know when something is done, especially when it’s a game about doing whatever you’d like in endless randomly generated worlds.  This is as true for creation as it is for playing, because there’s always another idea or feature that can be tucked into the code.  When a game is popular enough that it’s basically self-sustaining, there’s no reason to stop.  Except, of course, that everything ends eventually, and it’s better to know where the finish line is than to trail off into…

Today sees the release of the 1.4 Journey’s End update for the PC version of Terraria, nine years to the day after the game’s initial launch date.  Terraria has practically become an institution in its time, like a fusion of Minecraft and Castlevania with endless loot drops from a huge menagerie of enemies and bosses, plus an incredible number of biomes to harvest resources from.  The game felt like it had plenty of content on release, especially for a $10 game, and could have been considered complete years ago, but Terraria’s popularity ensured it got a post-launch lifespan beyond any reasonable expectations.  Now, finally, aside from any lingering clean-up and bug fixes, Terraria is complete.

As for what’s in the update, a brief overview will have to do because the changelog is hosted on Terraria’s forum servers and the 40-page document with its own table of contents is unavailable due to insane traffic levels.  The short version is over one thousand new items, a more peaceful Journey mode and insanely difficult Master mode, plus, somehow, golf.  There’s a lot more, of course, including monsters, NPCs, and new kites, but odds are good everyone on the planet owns Terraria by now in one form or another so search your Steam library and check it out.  Console players still have a bit longer to wait, but soon enough their game will receive it’s last update and, after all these years, be complete as well.