Screenshot Saturday Featuring Kill It With Fire, Souldiers, More

Hello, and welcome to yet another edition of Screenshot Saturday! Where we comb our way through posts using the #screenshotsaturday tag as best as we can (especially given the state of it right now), in order to see just what various developers and more have to showcase when it comes to little glimpses into their latest gaming projects! And I wish I had more to say for an introduction right now, but this is one of those weeks where nothing outstanding springs to mind, even with a slight hiatus from the traditional format last week, so let’s just spring right into the goods!

Going Under- Considering that this dungeon crawler is partially a satire of the tech industry, among other jabs at failed startups and modern workplace culture, adding in a unique take on smart devices was a clever touch. Especially since it also acts as a clever spin on traditional homing weapons now, as seen here. Definitely a kickass idea that should hopefully make for a kickass game.

Rawmen- Eh, sorry, but I share an opinion of chowder with one Eleanor Shellstrop, seeing it as little more than “hot ocean milk with dead animal croutons.” I do, however, heavily enjoy the thought of sliding around on soup and getting into fast-paced multiplayer battles, as seen here, so I suppose would be willing to put up with chowder if it means more of that.

Kill It With Fire- I mean, you sort of have to expect results this when you’re given free reign to kill spiders with any weapon imaginable. One has to wonder why they’re holding a revolver if fire was used, though. Was so much fuel used up that they had to switch another weapon instead? Considering how much fun causing a ton of mayhem in this FPS game appears to be, I would have to imagine that yes, they ran out, because if you were given something like a flamethrower to kill household spiders, damn straight you’re gonna use it until you run out of fuel.

Souldiers- …And pictured here is what the person from the above tweet probably imagined what the actual battle was like. But seriously, this looks quite impressive on its own as well, especially considering that this 2D action title is the studio’s first game. And so far we’ve seen some good-looking pixel art and some good-looking combat, so here’s hoping everything goes well for the rest of the game!

Heart Forth, Alicia- And as long as we’re on the subject of 2D games with gorgeous pixel art, we may as well take another look at this long-anticipated metroidvania game. You can’t rush quality, of course, even when it comes to the little things being able to make deflecting an enemy’s attacks seem oh so satisfying. Details like that hopefully go towards creating one retro gem.

Beard Blade- And you know what, let’s just go ahead and make it a trio of retro platformers now as well. We sadly don’t get to see any of the action where our hero uses their titular beard as a weapon, we we do still get some nice graphics and a bit of platforming. And while I wouldn’t say the fall animation matters too much, again, little details can make a notable difference.

Stitchcraft- Well, I certainly didn’t expect to see a card game revolving around enchanted carpets being sold by dueling merchants today, but there you go. It certainly looks like an interesting game with a clever concept, even just based on this one clip, and thus I certainly can’t wait to try out the demo when it’s good and ready next month.

Space Wreck- This RPG about finding spare parts on a derelict ship on short notice has the original Fallout titles listed under its inspirations. And as seen here, it already has one thing in common with those games: Drugs, and the potential benefits from them. Granted, you do get a lot of freaky color changes, but it looks like a fun little addition.

Push Your Family- Call it a hunch, but I feel like a lot of gamers right now can sympathize with desire to push one’s family members around after being cooped up with them. But it’s all done in jest here, either in co-op or versus modes, and it looks really nice and colorful, so you may indeed actually want to bring the whole family together to check this out.

2113- The best mobile games always tend to fall under the category of “genius in its simplicity,” creating simple yet clever experiences that keep you coming back to them. And in some cases, that means watching a cyborg teenager hurl themselves down in a freefall between two skyscrapers, trying not to become a stain on either one. Again, genius.