Bullet(Heart) Plays its Kickstarter Hand

Bullet hell shooters tend towards being incredibly intense, with overlapping patterns of firepower requiring a steady hand, lots of practice, and nerves of steel to blaze a path of destruction through.  Card games, on the other hand, are a little more sedate, giving the player time to kick back and make a strategy, although with the added pressure of trash-talk from the other people at the table.  Bullet♥︎ is a card game that takes bullet-hell shooters as its theme, featuring the anime trope of hyper-powered female heroes fighting each other, with the gameplay centered around generating swarms of firepower on your board and then attempting to cancel and send the bullets to your opponents.

Bullet♥︎ launched today on Kickstarter and has already broken its funding goal.  Created by Level 99 Games, which has a strong history of bringing video game designs into real-world card games, Bullet♥︎ has attractive art and a nice selection of game modes and extras to bring its theme to life.  In addition to the standard free-for-all mode, every player for themself, you can also play co-op against a boss version of a character, or even solitaire.  A full game takes about fifteen minutes, broken up into rounds of three minutes each once you’ve got the rules down, and while you can use a timer the game has a selection of three-minute tunes that create a thematically appropriate soundtrack.  The Kickstarter has two versions of the game available, one with standard cardboard tokens and one with fancy wooden ones, and beyond that there’s nothing else to chase after.  The point of the campaign is to get this printed and out there, and the base game is complete and tested.  If you want to see it yourself and have Tabletop Simulator you can even download a mod from Steam Workshop to test it out.  Also, as you can see in the video below, the title may be pronounced “bullet” but in my head it will always be “bullet heart”.

Bullet♥︎ is live on Kickstarter now, so give it a look and get ready to rain heavy firepower on your friends.