EVE Echoes Lifts-Off This August

EVE Echoes, a mobile-only spin-off of EVE Online, now officially has a release window. It’ll be making its debut on iOS and Android devices this August. Developers CCP Games and NetEase recently revealed the release date along with details for some of the game’s major features. These included the announcement of a new faction, the Yan-Jung, which can be scene in a recent cinematic trailer.

The developers also confirmed that EVE Echoes will allow players to form corporations just like in EVE Online and enjoy many of the same benefits. Private residences will also be making an appearance in the form of “Capsuleer Outposts,” as well as ship skins.  CCP Games and NetEase have also added a comprehensive set of tutorials to the game. These are based on player feedback received during EVE Echoes’ open beta, so the game will hopefully be a bit more friendly to new players. It’s not clear yet how heavily the game will be monetized though, so those interested should definitely make sure to keep an eye out for news on that.

EVE Echoes launches for iOS and Android in August.