Phantasy Star Online 2 Set for PC Launch on May 27

We’ve covered the Xbox One release of Phantasy Star Online 2 extensively, and found it to be a top-notch action RPG with a slew of non-action fun. There’s an in-game casino to enjoy with games of chance alongside more skill-based shooting fare. Today, Sega announced that the game will be coming to the Microsoft Store on PC on May 27. The game is completely free to play and doesn’t lock content behind a paywall to progress, while still including things like daily login bonuses.

It’s a well-crafted game and it will be able to be enjoyed by even more people via the Microsoft Store. There isn’t anything quite like it on either the PC or Xbox One, and even with it being an older game, its solid art design allows it to still look pretty good today – with stable framerates and fast action keeping everything fresh.