Feudalism Makes a Comeback in Going Medieval

Today, developers Foxy Voxel and The Irregular Corporation announced Going Medieval, a colony survival sim due to hit PCs later this year.  As the name implies, Going Medieval  brings players back to the Middle Ages. Europe is still in the process of recovering from the Black Death, meaning that luck and leadership are what determine whether or not a village survives. Players will be tasked with leading one of these villages, managing everything from food rations to defense measures and perhaps even more.

Once the villages’ basic  needs have been met, it falls to players to figure out how best to keep their citizens happy. They’ll also have to keep raiders and perhaps even other communities from coming in and taking everything they’ve built, so it’s likely that not every decision is going to be easy. Going Medieval  will release later this year, but players eager to give it a try can sign up for the closed beta right now. If keeping an eye on it is enough though, then maybe just check out the Going Medieval Steam page.