An Afternoon with Eevee & Friends Glaceon Figure Available

If you’ve been keeping up with Eevee news, you’ll know about the Funko and Pokémon figure collaborations. For almost every month this year, a new collectible is available based on one of the Eeveelutions. This month we’ve got Glaceon and it’s available for purchase now!

While many aren’t seeing much ice and snow in the month of May that forecast could change with the arrival of this Ice-type Pokémon. Glaceon looks ready for action as it’s posed atop a snowy patch of land. There is some grass exposed and a water effect to show it’s all melting.

Hopefully the adorable design of this figure melts your heart enough to pick up Glaceon for your Pokémon displays. Then browse for more Eeveelutions from the series. Check out images below for a look at different angles.