Screenshot Saturday Featuring Lords of Exile, Schim, More

Hello, and welcome to yet another edition of Screenshot Saturday! The gaming community is still gearing up for the massive amount of online events set to go down in the next few months (which we may as well refer to as E3 But Not E3), and as such, it feels like another one of those periods where more and more interesting stuff is cropping up each weekend (alongside the now sadly standard massive glut of posts from people cooped up and not realizing what the #screenshotsaturday tag is used for, or knowing but just not caring). Perhaps to prepare for these showcases, perhaps to get more attention now before the bigger announcements hit. But either way, we still have a chunk of developers and publishers eager to show off little glimpses of their upcoming works, so let’s get right to it!

Lords of Exile- Well, as I said a couple of weeks ago, I am indeed a bit of a sucker for those who also want to assist in promoting other promising games as well. And after garnering some attention for smashing their Kickstarter campaign’s goal in just two days (thanks to an impressive-looking ode to 8-bit platformers, as seen here), I guess it just felt appropriate for the devs to give back a little bit. So congrats all around!

Not For Broadcast- Honestly, I’ve come to realize that the only possible flaw with a game where you edit a satire of over-the-top news broadcasts is that, much like Network, reality tends to have a habit of becoming weirder than fiction at times. Since the game debuted in Early Access, we’ve had countless nutbags arguably worse than Alan here. But hell, it’s not like it stops the game from being entertaining. If anything, it probably gives them more material to work with…

Schim- This shadow-based puzzle-platformer was already looking incredibly impressive as is, but now allowing the ability to mess with the scenery in some levels opens up many more opportunities. We’ve only seen bits and pieces so far of this game, and I can’t wait to see how entire levels will benefit from this level of creativity, so here’s to future developments!

Skully- Between Rock of Ages III and now this, Modus is apparently really investing in games where you control a figure that rolls around. Okay, so this particular bit doesn’t feature the reanimated skull that you play as on its own, but instead the three forms that it can take on in order to get around certain areas and take on enemies. But they do look impressive and kind of cute, as does the whole game in general, so here’s hoping it becomes a success!

Industria- Well, we aren’t exactly short on games set in some alternate universe version of the Cold War, but we also don’t have many that compare their stories to the likes of David Lynch, so color me intrigued. The FPS is only set to be four hours long, but just based on this initial clip alone, it looks like it may indeed be a damn entertaining four hours.

Atomicrops- Simple farm life can surprisingly deliver many pleasures at times. Pleasures like, say, summoning a a massive piece of farm equipment from thin air that can shred up mutant bunnies while you fire a shotgun at insects in a post-apocalyptic universe. Okay, so it’s more simple in this game’s particular world, but it’s still a pleasure nonetheless.

Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise- Well, mind games would be very much appropriate here, since while this anticipated sequel’s release date in less than two months away, not much seems to have been revealed about the plot yet. Of course, given SWERY’s trademark surreal touches, it only makes it more suspenseful as we await what he has in store this time. Not sure if anyone trying to predict D4 connections will walk away satisfied, though…

Soldat 2- This is where I should confess that I’ve never played the original Soldat, or knew a lot of it back then, largely due to my sources for gaming in the early 2000s not having covered it much (that I can recall, anyway). But based on this one action-packed bit alone, I am indeed ready to invest in the game’s sequel. Looks like a mighty fine level in a damn promising multiplayer game, plain and simple.

Card Hog- I admit that I haven’t checked out the demo yet for this card-based dungeon crawler, but I am intrigued as to how a multiplayer mode works in a game such as this. I’m guessing it’s not supposed to result in what appears to a be a level of chaos like this…although whether it is or isn’t, I’m still seeing a lot of fun elements and a cool art style, so color me impressed one way or another.

NUTS- A stylistic game where you strategically place cameras around a forest in order to monitor squirrel behavior. It certainly looks colorful, unique, and fun, but I can’t help but feel like a darker secret lies beneath the surface here…after all, we’ve seen what squirrels are REALLY up to…