Ageless Shows Off Platforming Action in New Trailer

Controlling time is a feature in many video games, as it can be quite fun to use. For a new title, the trick is to keep players entertained with it while anticipating it as a technique in various ways. Ageless is such a game on the way from Team17 and One More Dream Studios.

You play as Kiara who is pushing through heartache and loss to discover a new world and herself along the way. She can alter time by aging animals and plants to traverse through levels, solve puzzles and find secrets. One example the trailer shows is a creature being able to bust through barriers as they get bigger because they’re now older. Freezing time to pivot toward your intended direction is also one of her skills to get through platforming levels.

Ageless is making its way to Steam and Switch soon. Check out the trailer below to learn more about this upcoming game.