Spiritfarer Gets a Bit More Epic In Latest Trailer

Spiritfarer is certainly aiming to be one ambitious adventure/managment game from Thunder Lotus, telling the intriguing story of Stella, a ferrymaster taking care of spirits until they’re ready to move on. But while the bits of story and atmosphere we’ve seen so far look quite breathtaking, it can be easy to forget that Spiritfarer also has some platformer blood in its DNA. And this is showcased in the latest teaser trailer that was shown off during the recent Wholesome Games Direct, which you can view below.

The emphasis on more platforming and action this time around also appears to have brought about some more grandiose bits of gameplay and setpieces. We have massive turtle creatures, huge swarms of glowing insects, sea serpents with minerals on them, lightning storms, groups of flying jellyfish-like beings, and more. During the presentation, it was pointed out that just because a game is wholesome doesn’t mean it can’t shy away from deep themes, and clearly that also means that they can still deliver in the action area as well. The hand-drawn world of Spiritfarer is due out later this year for all major platforms, and will be available on Xbox Game Pass as well.