First-Person ‘Mystery’ Shooter Industria Coming to PC Next Year

As touched upon in last week’s Screenshot Saturday feature, color us intrigued whenever we see a developer compare their latest effort to that of a David Lynch production. That’s exactly what developer Bleakmill have done in promoting their upcoming first-person shooter Industria. And while the trailer (below) may not seem all that out-of-the-ordinary or abnormal in its first few seconds, the presence of some strange assortment of black balls, killer robots and hints at an alternate reality, very quickly change that tune.

Indeed, citing the likes of Valve’s Source Engine-powered efforts in Half-Life 2 and Portal 2 alike as inspiration on top, Industria takes the back-drop of late 1980’s Berlin — at the time of the fall of the Berlin Wall — and puts you straight on a course that starts with the unravelling of a disappearance near a secret research facility, before ending up in an entirely different reality altogether. Described as a first-person “mystery” shooter, Industria is planned to release on PC sometime in early 2021.