Review: Logitech G203 LIGHTSYNC Gaming Mouse

Gaming peripherals can become expensive for players looking to get a competitive edge. Purchasing or building a new computer means you’re going to need a good mouse and keyboard, and normally the devices that ship with OEM products are basic. Logitech is looking to assist with at least the mouse portion of this problem as it has released the G203 LIGHTSYNC gaming mouse. Players will get gaming-grade quality along with RGB options for an unbelievable price. The G203 LIGHTSYNC is simply a must for players on a budget.

The G203 LIGHTSYNC Gaming mouse comes in both black and white and features a six button layout that includes a scroll wheel. The mouse is wired and sits low, but moves with ease and is extremely lightweight. The RGB lighting areas flow across the bottom of the mouse more towards the wrist and also includes the Logitech G logo across the top. This classic design allows for the mouse to be somewhat ambidextrous for players, although two of the extra six buttons are housed on the left hand side. The design is simple and consistent across the board and comfortable no matter what size the player’s hand is.

The RGB options are all configured the Logitech G HUB on the player’s computer. Players will also use this for button mapping, DPI sensitivity and profile saving with the mouse’s on-board memory. There are actually some newer and cool options to implement on the G203 LIGHTSYNC that are even more surprising for the price of the mouse. The RGB supports 16.8 million colors and can all be easily mapped via the HUB.  Selecting an area of the mouse in the picture on the HUB allows for simple mapping of color combinations. Players can also sync lighting from other compatible Logitech devices. Logitech even added the Audio Visualizer and Dynamic Screen Sampling so that the RGB can either respond to the beats of audio or take colors from what is on the screen and mimic it on the mouse. These are excellent options for a mouse of this price.

The gaming-grade sensor included with the G203 LIGHTSYNC ranges from 200 DPI to 8,000. When comparing more expensive gaming mice that have the HERO 16K sensor or even higher may have the player hesitate. In all honesty, there will be few instances, especially if you have a normal sized screen, where you will necessarily need something even higher. It all depends on the person, but personally any settings over 4,000 DPI is too much for myself. The mouse allows for five DPI presets. The acceleration and response times from the included sensor are fantastic. I tested out Diablo 3, Ashes of Singularity, Civilization VI and Apex Legends and the responsiveness and accuracy were on par with higher-priced mice.

The budget factor comes in with the cosmetic portion of the G203 LIGHTSYNC. The exterior body is a matte plastic, but doesn’t have the touch or finish of a higher-priced mouse. While the mouse is lightweight, picking it up feels bland. Logitech did include optimized button tensioning for the left and right click buttons on the mouse. These are responsive as a metal spring is used to provide physical feedback. The biggest takeaway from the design is that these buttons are loud. Clicking could be heard in a neighboring room so this may not work out for those in need of something specifically discreet.

Closing Comments:

Logitech has simply introduced the best entry-level mouse to date with the G203 LIGHTSYNC. This gaming-grade mouse retails for only $40 and is the best route for getting into gaming peripherals. The RGB options are fantastic for the price along with the customizations. The six buttons are enough to get started for button mapping in games. The only real knock on the mouse outside of the cosmetics are the spring tensions for the left and right mouse buttons. They’re extremely loud for a mouse, but do provide proper feedback and precision. Considering the price and features of the G203 LIGHTSYNC, if any of the options are considered a personal upgrade or if you have a little cash left after a new build or purchase, this mouse is a no-brainer.