S.C.A.R. is Latest Title Continuing the 90’s Shooter Revival

If you’ve been keeping track of new shooters in recent years — specifically those on PC — you may have noticed a bit of a [technically] new trend gaining some momentum. And it looks like 16-bit pixel art isn’t the only kind of throwback aesthetic on the market now, as games like Dusk and Ion Fury are now proving, with the rise/return of late 1990’s-esque 3D shooters. S.C.A.R. by developers Savage Studios is the latest in this year’s efforts to keep momentum going with what is billed as “Episode 1” in the studio’s mix of guns, monstrous sprites, heavy rock and here, a grappling hook.

Though this is still an Early Access release, Savage Studios claim the game’s early build will be added to sometime in December of this year, though it’s unclear whether this will in fact be the final retail release, or may in fact continue with development into next year. You can see how the gameplay fairs in the below trailer. S.C.A.R. Episode 1 will be available on Steam Early Access, on June 25.