Pokémon Company Releases Retro-Styled Pokétoon Short

If you’re familiar with Pokémon-related animation, two things likely spring right to mind: The main anime series, or the current Pokémon: Twilight Wings shorts posted online. However, recently the Pokémon Company shared a completely different take on Pokémon in animation. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Chuck Jones and the golden age of cartoons as a whole, we know have a retro-styled animated “Pokétoon” slapstick short called “Chase the Beans,” which you can check out below.

Starring Scraggy and Mimikyu (or Zuruggu and Mimikkyu, as the short uses their Japanese names for the title cards), we see Scraggy chomping down on a trail of Poké Beans leaking out of a bag, eventually winding up on a train with it…and a rather mischievous spirit that ends up inhabiting the sack. The visuals, gags, and music all perfectly emulate classic cartoons, making this Pokétoon a rather enjoyable gift to tide fans over until the latest iteration of the anime comes to Netflix next week.