An Interstellar Trip Awaits in JETT: The Far Shore

Sword and Sworcery co-creator Superbrothers A/V Inc. and Pine Scented Software Ltd aimed high this afternoon during Sony’s PS5: The Future of Gaming. So high, in fact, that they went above the atmosphere into space. JETT: The Far Shore is a cinematic action adventure game that has players stepping in the shoes of scout and “anchorite” Mei, taking an interstellar trip to better the future for a planet facing certain oblivion. Behind the controls of a “jett,” players will explore the unknown as they gander at all the universe has to offer from coastlines to woods through a story that is said to feature regret, wonder and courage.

JETT is a single player game that boasts five acts that range from relaxed exploration to existential dread. Set to the sounds of composer Scntfc, players will be able to roam an open-world universe where they can can explore a robust endgame.

To debut the game, a cinematic trailer, seen below, was released directed by Priscilla Snow that features “Out of My Hands” by Jim Guthrie.

JETT: The Far Shore will be released Holiday 2020 for PS5, PS4 and PC via Epic Games Store.