Arkane Studios’ Deathloop Gets First, High-Octane Gameplay Trailer

Not for the first time, Bethesda left it to Sony to dish out the first piece of in-game footage for two of their highly-anticipated, published titles. The first being Ghostwire: Tokyo by Tango Gameworks and the second being none other than Arkane Studio’s newest IP, Deathloop. And just like Ghostwire, we got more than just a tone piece and teaser devoid of any gameplay, as the below trailer more than highlights.

Anyone who’s played Arkane’s acclaimed Dishonored series will no doubt catch onto the similar method of traversal, stealth and first-person combat that has main character Colt attempting to take down a select group of targets amidst a time loop. All the while trying himself to avoid being assassinated by every person on the fictional island of Blackreef.

It’s been confirmed that Deathloop, alongside its PC iteration, will be a PS5 console exclusive releasing this Holiday, though at present it’s unknown if this is a full or timed exclusive.