Futuristic Stealth Game UnFound Rolls Out an Announcement Trailer

When you imagine a stealth game, certain images immediately spring to mind, those of agents and operatives like Solid Snake or Sam Fisher sneaking around, trying to take care of enemy guards without alerting anyone. Or maybe glimpses of horror games where someone defenseless has to evade a hulking monster. But stealth games can come in many different flavors, and during today’s Escapist Indie Showcase, we saw another one in the form of UnFound, a new game from Vancouver-based PANIXEL Entertainment. As seen in the announcement trailer below, it appears to be quite the unique entry into the genre.

Set in a futuristic universe, UnFound is a story-driven game where you play as a deactivated spherical robot who accidentally wakes up and finds themselves on a journey to discover their identity. All while starting an uprising of clones that takes on the system of this world. Throughout several puzzles, players will have to carefully roll around enemies, evade guards, reprogram clones, or do whatever it takes to find one of the many solutions for each area. It all looks visually stunning as well, which shouldn’t be too much of a shock as the game’s key developer, Mohsen Mousavi, is also an Emmy-winning visual effects supervisor. UnFound is set to come out in March 2021 for PC, Switch, iOS, and Android, and should be one for stealth fans to look out for.