Heart Machine Reveals More of Solar Ash

Heart Machine, best known for the hit game, Hyper Light Drifter, revealed their next game, the visually-impressive Solar Ash Kingdom, back in 2018. Published with the help of Annapurna Interactive, it was an enigmatic piece of work that left us wanting more. And now thanks to the PS5 reveal event, we happen to have more, as seen with the new introduction trailer below, complete with a rename to just Solar Ash.

Mind you, it’s still a bit vague as to what we’re exactly being introduced to. We see our hero enter the mysterious world of The Void at lightning speed, face off against a deity-like figure and then defy gravity as they prepare to head off into the vast land of offbeat glory that awaits them. It still looks impressive, though, and we can’t wait for it to come out in 2021 for the PS5 and PC, with no other platforms announced yet.