Journey Hits Steam With Free Copy of Flower

thatgamecompany has crafted some of the industry’s most unique and moving games of the past decade. Originally released on the PS3, many of their best titles found their way on the PS4 in remastered form – but were still only on consoles until last year. Last year, both Journey and Flower hit the Epic Games Store – allowing PC users to enjoy them and including things like gyro control integration with a bit of tinkering.

Today, Journey launches on Steam and includes not only a 10% launch discount – but a free copy of Flower as well. This means that for a little over $11, you can get two of thatgamecompany’s best games. Those will multiple PCs gain the ability to play them on more devices, while PS3 owners can still enjoy the definitive physical edition with OSTs, bonus content like commentary tracks, and documentaries.Journey is a top-shelf adventure game with puzzle solving and a light online co-op mechanic that makes it so much more fun to play through online.