KO_OP Invites You To Say Goodbye Volcano High

When you debut a brand new console like the PS5, an emphasis tends to be made on how realistic the graphics are, how much detail is put into a new 3D landscape, just how much can fit onto the screen, etc. So consider ourselves shocked when the PS5 reveal event gave us a sudden burst of 2D animation. That came courtesy of developers KO-OP and their new narrative adventure game, Goodbye Volcano High.

Goodbye Volcano High is described as en emotional journey of self-discovery, about how to live life to its fullest in the face of doom, as well as figuring out what your world will be like after graduation, all through the eyes of a non-binary teenager voice by Lachlan Watson (best known for The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina). Oh, and said teenager just happens to be a dinosaur. Did we miss that part where all of this takes place in a world made up of anthropomorphic dinosaurs? It’s a unique setup for a story like this and it leaves us wanting more. Goodbye Volcano High comes out in 2021 for PS5, PS4 and PC, and should be one for story fans.