Less is More Once Again in Physics-Based Puzzler Deleveled

Recent greats like Linelight, The Witness and even Octahedron, have all shown that not all titles in the growing puzzle and puzzle-hybrid genres require highly-detailed worlds and conundrums comprised of many an asset or effect. Sometimes, all you need is the simple charm of polygonal or even 2D, flat shapes to come up with some really inventive and creative ways to engage with the player. So naturally, a game like Deleveled is sure to catch our eye and not be so easily dismissed despite its minimal presentation and seemingly straight-forward concept.

Described as a “co-operative single-player” puzzle-platformer, Deleveled removes the standard jump button entirely, as you guide two opposing squares to their desired goals. What starts off as a simple affair involving gravity and momentum as an opposing force with each other, quickly evolves with elements such as switches and rotatable platforms to consider. Given the straight-forward approach to presentation, as well as the desire to have players easily transition from one puzzle to the next, let’s hope the complexity of its latter conundrums can help maintain the appeal of its minimal aesthetic. Deleveled will be available across PS4, Xbox One, Switch & PC sometime this summer. Check out the latest gameplay trailer below.