Moonana Unveils Cyberpunk Music-Themed RPG Keylocker

Last year, developers Moonana gave us Virgo vs. The Zodiac, a quirky retro turn-based RPG inspired by the handheld Mario and Luigi RPG games. It was well-received by the public and critics alike, but with a December release date, it sadly still went ignored by more than a few people. Hopefully the same fate (um, the part about being ignored, not the part about being well-received) won’t befall Keylocker, their next RPG, which debuted during the recent Escapist Indie Showcase, and which looks to also hopefully be an impressive gem.

Set in a cyberpunk world without music, Keylocker has you playing as BOBO, a singer/songwriter leading a rebellion against the authorities, and providing the soundtrack to it. As seen in the trailer below, this means combat that utilizes rhythm game-style mechanics in order to successfully attack and defend, also switching between different movesets and strategies. The game is also set to feature multiple endings via citizens you can assist or betray, a world filled with unique interactions and secrets, Chrono Trigger-inspired world battles, and of course, tons of colorful pixel art and unique character designs. Keylocker is currently only set for a PC release right now, and its Steam page says it’ll be out “When it’s ready,” but it so far it looks like it’ll be worth waiting for.