Ultrakill Pushes 90’s Shooters, FOV Sliders, to Their Extreme

In the wake of the runaway success and enjoyment of a game like Dusk, it goes without saying that there’s certainly an appetite and a market for another form of that nostalgic, throwback design that is the first-person shooters of the late-90’s. And while you often have gameplay trailers that spend time setting the scene and leaning more into their narrative aspects, developer Arsi “Hakita” Patala’s Ultrakill looks to have done away with that approach entirely with a trailer that gets right to the heart of what its gameplay actually is.

Complete with a notably high FOV to match, Ultrakill is a high-octane, frantic, arena-style shooter that on top of being really fast and violent, also plays emphasis on a player’s ability to keep a combo going. Taking inspiration from the popular hack-and-slash/action games of the past decade, Ultrakill looks to be a delightful mix of 90’s shooting and contemporary action flair in its many FOV-stretched, early-3D styled environments. There’s even a few bosses to take down along the way, in case you get tired of mowing down the same hapless foes. Ultrakill is planned to launch in Early Access on PC sometime this summer. You can download a demo of the game right now via Itch.io right here.