Amplitude Studios Announces OpenDev For Humankind

Humankind may very well be one of the most ambitious games from Amplitude Studios. And they seem to be aware of this, given the variation of the iconic Richard Strauss theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey in the game’s latest trailer, which premiered during the PC Gaming Show. But the simulator about sculpting all of…well, Humankind has a reason to sound epic. Amplitude used this moment to announce OpenDev, a twist on the Early Access formula, where players will actually be joining the dev team.

OpenDev is described as a new approach to community-driven development. As of today, players will be able to register at the game’s site, gain access to three time-limited scenarios focusing on core gameplay features held over the Summer, and complete design surveys that help out with the game in the end. It does indeed sound like a unique approach, allowing you to play the game ASAP and help it out before Humankind’s release later in 2021.