Exo One Returns with Gorgeous, Ocean-Hopping Trailer

Australia-based Exbleative’s Exo One is another one of those former Kickstarter projects that, up until now, has been seemingly absent for years on end. Only briefly showing up from time to time since its initial mid-2016 teaser and subsequent 2017 crowdfunding efforts. But for everyone else still unfamiliar with the game’s concept, needless to say Exbleative let the gameplay premise speak for itself — Exo One revolving around guiding a strange, alien UFO-like craft across vast swathes of unexplored planets.

Using gravity-based momentum — complete with a few drifts here and riding many a slope there — Exo One’s vast, continuous oceans across many a world certainly provided a curious visage. The question remains as to what the player’s true objective here is, with the game’s latest presser simply describing this as an interplanetary journey through space and time. Exo One is planned to launch on PC sometime later this year.