Ooblets Receives Psychedelic New Trailer, Early Access Release Window

At this point, after years of development and showcases over multiple events, what more can be said about Ooblets, the charming game from Glumberland about collecting creatures, raising them, battling with them, farming them, and enjoying a town life simulator in general? Well, not much, which is why the latest trailer from Glumberland basically just shows off the game’s world via a psychedelic dance party of sorts, as seen below.

Okay, there is a more important point to the new trailer. Namely that after much anticipation, Ooblets will finally be entering Early Access by the end of this Summer. No specific release date yet, so it could pop up near the end (and if we’re being technical, Summer doesn’t even end until September 21), but it’ll be nice to finally see Ooblets when it hits the XB1 and PC (Via Epic Games Store).