Paradise Lost Delivers a Twisted Post-Nuclear WWII Adventure

Alternate universes where World War II never ended or was altered in some way aren’t exactly a new innovation when it comes to video games. But in the end, execution is all that matters, and developers PloyAmorous may have found the right hook in Paradise Lost, thanks to its gorgeous and surreal visuals depicting part of a version of Poland that the Nazis attacked with nukes after decades of war. The first gameplay trailer debuted during the recent Escapist Indie Showcase, which you can check out below.

The game sees you playing as a twelve-year-old kid in this post-apocalyptic world, where they happen to come across a mysterious Nazi bunker. One that apparently hides a whole underground world, where technology and Slavic mythology combine, because the Nazis here are still into the occult, apparently. But our young lead should be careful, as the choices they make wandering this bunker can determine what they end up seeing, or even shaping the future. No release date was revealed, but expect Paradise Lost sometime later for the PC, with some help from publishers All In! Games.