Planetary Combat Put on Display in New Everspace 2 Trailer

Fans of Everspace 2 already knew that they were going to have plenty of opportunities for ship-to-ship combat out in the cold vacuum of space. What they may not have known though, is that they’ll be able to take their fights into planetary skies too. It seems these won’t be limited to small skirmishes either; check it out below.

In addition to in-atmosphere combat, players will be able to fly their ships into deep, underground passages and chambers too. It’s not clear yet what exactly there is to find underground, but it can be assumed  that it’ll be worthwhile since the passage shown in the trailer was filled with plenty of traps. There will be a closed alpha for Everspace 2 via on June 15, so perhaps fans will have the chance to see what all is down there. Fans should visit the official website to learn more and find out how to sign up.

Everspace 2 is set to release in late 2020 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.