Potionomics Makes Magic at PC Gaming Show

If you’ve paid attention to Screenshot Saturday over time, you may be a bit familiar with Potionomics, a game about being a potion merchant. So far, though, we’ve basically only seen it through character models, albeit beautifully-animated ones showcasing creative characters. But at the PC Gaming Show, we finally got a proper teaser for Potionomics showcasing gameplay, which you can view below.

From developers Voracious Games, we have the tale of Sylvia, a young witch trying to stop a debt collector. So with some friends and the ingredients to mix up killer potions, players will manage a shop and deal with setting up proper layouts, working with a changing economy, and most notably, interacting with customer through the use of card-based gameplay. Looks fun, though there’s no release date yet. Potionomics will be heading to PCs later, though, with Xseed providing a notable boost as a publisher.