Prodeus Mashes Up All the Classic FPS Eras in New Trailer

The classic-styled FPS has a number of easily recognizable sub-eras.  Wolfenstein had flat floors and ninety degree angles on its uniformly-sized corridors.  Doom expanded the scope of 3D with walls at any angle and the ability to fake multi-level surfaces, while Duke Nukem’s Build engine had the tech to layer one item on top of another and even pulled off the illusion of multi-floored buildings.  Quake was when 3D took over in full, with fully polygonal environments and enemies, and after that the technology of new FPSes was no longer quite so distinct.  There has been a lot of mileage lately for games going back to the older style of rendering, such as Wrath: Aeon of Ruin and the excellent Dusk, but in general they aim for a single specific style.  Prodeus, on the other hand, is quite happy to borrow a little bit of Quake and a touch of Doom/Duke to create its gib-soaked action.  2D-ish monsters and enemies wander fully 3D environments, but with far more colored lights than any of the shooters of the time would have featured.

In addition to the straight-up retro-styled action Prodeus also brings with it a level editor which is promised to be easy to use.  An in-game browser will let you choose or create maps for a theoretical endless number of user-built death mazes.  There’s probably a story in there too to hold things together but for the moment Prodeus is about using overpowered guns to splatter brutal enemies across the landscape.  Check out the new trailer below, and get ready for some high-speed bloody shooting when it hits Early Access this fall.