Raw Fury Announces GoNNER 2

One of the first games that established Raw Fury as a key indie game publisher was GoNNER, a roguelike action-platformer from developers Art in Heart that won over critics and gamers in general thanks to its great action, surreal art style, and award-winning music. So it really came as a delight when at the end of the Guerrilla Collective’s first day, they revealed GoNNER 2 as a a surprise world premiere. It may have been a short reveal, but a welcome one nonetheless.

The original game saw our hero Ikk trying to cheer up their landbound whale friend Sally by hunting for the right present. In contrast, the sequel sees Ikk being recruited by Death themselves in an effort to shoo out a mysterious presence that’s been invading their lair. This thankfully leads to more colorful gunplay, massive bosses, quirky characters, and even more souped-up additions for the sequel. GoNNER 2 is due out later this year for all current major platforms, and should be sure to delight fans of the original, or fans of action games in general.