Release Date Revealed For Cris Tales Via Cinematic Teaser

Let’s just skip straight to the point: Cris Tales is a gorgeous RPG from developers Dreams Incorporated and Modus Games that many of us at HG are eagerly anticipating. It’s colorful patchwork art style and gameplay built around seeing through and bending time just looks incredibly awesome. You know what else looks awesome? This new cinematic trailer revealing the game’s release date.

Gorgeous animation, great music, shows bits of the story and characters, and most importantly, we now know that Cris Tales will be coming out on November 17 for all current major platforms and now the Xbox Series X as well (and Stadia). November can’t get here fast enough. But if you really can’t wait, the demo on Steam has now been updated to include a new character to play as and a mini Colosseum experience, so check it out!