Serial Cleaners Cleans Up Again In 2021

If by some chance you’ve forgotten about developer Draw Distance’s indie stealth game Serial Cleaner, then don’t worry, because the sequel’s announcement trailer – which debuted during the Future Games Show – immediately provides a quick recap concerning the game. But those who need an even quicker recap, it was a game in 1970s about cleaning up crime scenes before the cops arrive. And the sequel, simply titled Serial Cleaners, finds you hopping ahead to the ’90s, with an appropriately different style and tone.

While the trailer is light on details, instead showing the contrast between our older protagonist’s easy-listening drive and the more ’90s spiked inner thoughts within them, the game’s Steam page reveals some more details. Set in 1999 on New Year’s Eve, the game takes the form of four mob cleaners gathering together and reminiscing about their work in the past decade…and coming to a realization about how it all connects. So with four different characters to play as, a gritter set of aesthetic inspired by the likes of Tarantino, and the swap of top-down for isometric gameplay. Serial Cleaners is definitely setting itself up as a potentially bigger game, and we’ll see if that’s the case when it hits all current major platforms in 2021, with next-gen platforms being a possibility.