Thunderbox Reveals Video Game Version Of The Captain is Dead

Well, developers Thunderbox Entertainment don’t exactly beat around the bush with the trailer for their latest game, The Captain is Dead, which premiered during the Future Games Show. This adaptation of the hit 2014 board game begins by pointing out that it’s hard to meet up with friends in order to play board games in the COVID19 age. As such, that’s why they’ve been working hard to create a digital version of it, complete with improved AI to play with, a retro soundtrack, and more of the game’s colorful visuals.

The setup is that it’s the last ten minutes of your favorite sci-fi show, but as the title may suggest, the captain of the spaceship has suddenly died after things have gone south. So now you need to step into the captain’s chair and command the crew members around in order to fend off an alien attack. It certainly looks like a charming, fun, and colorful version of the board game that captures the retro sci-fi spirit perfectly, so here’s hoping for the best when The Captain is Dead hits PCs later in 2020.